cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck

cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here this gorgeous white bear. She is a knitter too, all in a beautiful soft boucle.
Look! she is knitting her own scarf!

Here another artist. He is a painter! every detail was knitted by Ana.

Here this adorable hippie. A bird watching dreamer. Look at his binoculars and his shoes!

And here the divine Cook, with her honey pot overflowing. Just beautiful!
These 4 bears, totally knitted by my friend Ana, are just some of her work.
She brought them all the other day when I invited her for afternoon tea.
I ask her to show me some of her latest things. I could not believe my eyes!
She also brought the whole troup of the Circus she is working on-she forgot to bring the tent she said.
Never mind about the tent I said!

Look at them on my kitchen table!


Catru said...

Wow, están impresionantes de bonitos, re tiernos!!! Una genia tu amiga Ana!

Yo he visto más de un muñeco tejido, a crochet me les animo, pero a dos agujas... aún no :)


Marie said...

These are wonderful!!! I have found your blog throgh a friend of mine she publishes lots of interesting sites and also where to download material for crafties. The most interesting thing os that I live in Australia!! almost for two years now and I am a knitter (beginner) also i do crochet and beading. I live in Victoria though... I amd very happy to have found your website also because I am looking for english patters of dolls (like yours) for a lady who will make them for charity (cancer) so I am here trying to get some english patterns of dolls for her to help ..isn't it nice of this lady? Well through my blog yuou will get my email to keep in touch. have a good day. Cheers ...Marie