cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck

cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitting Abbreviations - Abreviaciones de tejido

Some of the knitting abbreviations are for me like reading chinesse. To make my life easier I manage to put together a small list with their meanings.
For my spanish and latinamerican friends is in blue
Any correction will be appreciated.
Algunas de las abreviaciones de tejido son para mi como leer en chino.
Para hacer mi vida un poco mas facil hice esta lista con sus significados.
Para mis amigas españolas y latinoamericanas esta en azul
Cualquier correccion sera apreciada.


alt Alternate - Alternar

beg begin/beginning - Empezar

bet Between -Entre

BO bind off - Cerrar

CA color A – Color A

CB color B – Color B

CC contrasting color – Color contrastante

cm Centimetres - Centimetros

cn cable needle – Aguja de torzadas

CO cast on – Montar, calzar puntos

cont Continue - Continuar

dec decrease/decreases/decreasing - Disminuir

dpn double-pointed needle(s) – Agujas de doble puntas

fl front loop(s)- Los loops del frente

foll follows/following – sigue, siguiendo

g Gram - gramos

inc increase - aumentar

K knit- tejer, punto derecho

kbf knit back and front - tejer el mismo punto por atras y adelante

k2tog knit two together – tejer dos puntos juntos

kwise Knitwise – hablando de tejido

LH left hand- mano izquierda

lp(s) loop(s)- los puntos a tejer

m Meters- metros

m(s) marker(s)- marcador (es)

M1 make one stitch- tejer 1 punto

M1 p-st make one purl stitch – tejer un punto revez

MC main color – color principal

mm Millimetres - milimetros

oz Ounce – 1 onza

P (or p) purl – punto revez

patt(s) pattern(s)- molde (moldes)

pm place marker- marcador

pop popcorn bauble – punto pop corn

prev Previous - anterior

p2tog purl two together- tejer dos puntos juntos punto revez

psso pass slipped stitch over – pasar punto encima

pwise Purlwise- tejido al revez

rem remain/remaining- restante

rep repeat(s)- repetir

rev St st reverse stockinette stitch- revez del tejido jersey

RH right hand- mano derecha

rnd(s) round(s)- en circulo

sk Skip- pasar sin tejer

skp slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over- pasar, tejer 1 punto y pasarle encima el punto deslizado

sk2p slip one stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over – pasar un punto, tejer
dos juntos y pasarle encima el punto deslizado

sl Slip - pasar

sl1k slip one knitwise- pasar uno tejiendo al derecho

sl1p slip one purlwise – pasar uno tejiendo al revez

sl st slip stitch(es) – pasar punto (puntos)

ssk slip, slip, knit those two stitches together – pasar, pasar, tejer esos dos puntos juntos (Pasar 2 puntos sin hacer y sin que salgan de la aguja derecha insertar la aguja izquierda por detrás de la labor y tejer)

sssk slip, slip, slip, knit three slipped stitches together – pasar, pasar, pasar, tejer esos
tres puntos juntos
(Pasar 3 puntos sin hacer y sin que salgan de la aguja derecha insertar la aguja izquierda por detrás de la labor y tejer)

stitch(es) punto, puntos

St st stockinette stitch – punto jersey

tbl through back loop – a travez del punto de atras

tog Together - juntos

WS wrong side – lado revez

wyib with yarn in back – con el hilo hacia atras

wyif with yarn in front – con el hilo hacia adelante

yds Yards - yardas

yft yarn front - bring yarn under needle from knitting position into purling position, without making a stitch.-
Hilo adelante- traer el hilo debajo de la aguja de posicion de tejer derecho a posicion revez, pero sin tejer.

yfwd yarn forward – hilo para adelante

yo yarn over – hilo arriba

yon yarn over needle – hilo arriba de la aguja

yrn yarn around needle – hilo alrededor de la aguja

[ ] work instructions in brackets as many times as directed – Instrucciones de trabajo
entre parentesis tantas veces como lo dice

( ) work instructions in parenthesis as directed (also used to indicate size changes) – Instrucciones de trabajo entre parentesis (tambien usado para indicar cambios de

** instructions after asterisks as directed – repetir las instrucciones despues de
asteriscos tal como dice

* repeat pattern following asterisk as directed – repetir el molde que sigue al asterisco
tal como dice

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here this gorgeous white bear. She is a knitter too, all in a beautiful soft boucle.
Look! she is knitting her own scarf!

Here another artist. He is a painter! every detail was knitted by Ana.

Here this adorable hippie. A bird watching dreamer. Look at his binoculars and his shoes!

And here the divine Cook, with her honey pot overflowing. Just beautiful!
These 4 bears, totally knitted by my friend Ana, are just some of her work.
She brought them all the other day when I invited her for afternoon tea.
I ask her to show me some of her latest things. I could not believe my eyes!
She also brought the whole troup of the Circus she is working on-she forgot to bring the tent she said.
Never mind about the tent I said!

Look at them on my kitchen table!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Olga's first sweater

Hard to belive that only a few months ago she knew nothing!, no K, not purl, no nothing!

It was Ana who gave her the first lessons, actually she started Olga right the way with a first small sweater for Olga' s grandaughter Ariane. No samples, no scarves like all humans do. Just right to the point!

Then Ana was away in her long european trip, so I volunteer to show Olga her next project:

this sweater for herself.

She is quick to learn, and her finishings spotless!

Soon she' ll be starting number 3, and I thought I was the knitaddict hahahaha

These are the beautiful flowers I got from Olga to cheerme up. She didn' t have to give me any gift, she knows that.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Circular needles

Jimmy took thic pic of me strugling alone with my circular needles.

If I could avoid them, I would! I am so use to hold my needles slightly under my arms-that way I could knit really fast, so circular needles and sets of double point needles are a pain for me.

But circular needles are so usefull!

This case is to save the grey vest I knitted for Jimmy just a bit too short.

To lengthen it from the shoulders would be a major job, so I decided to pull a row just above the elastic band and then carefully cast all the stitches on my circular and just go round and round (all K). I add 5 cm of stockinet stitch plus another 5 cm of a new elastic band.

And here it is a vest my Jimmy could wear again.