cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck

cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Then came Tracey and Stephanie

It wasn' t their Birthdays but they could not stay without a new sweater, so I started inmediatly. For Stephanie was the Horsie Cardigan that I mentioned in my first Post.
And then a lovely sweater for Tracey, my daughter in law in a multicolour print wool.
She was delighted!

then came all the May Birthdays! many of them!!!!!

3 in my family are from Taurus, including me

I' m from the 12th.

Then is my youngest son Henry on the 16th

I knitted this sweater for him in a nice wool.

He was very please!

Mitchell is my youngest grandson who turned 5 on the 17th and I knit this cute cardigan with a cat .

He is a cat lover so he was very pleased also

another cat at the back

And we all had a great day celebrating the Birthdays and Mother' s Day, this happens every year....

my friend Nilsa' s birthday was coming up

Her Birthday is on April 27th and coming up soon....
and since she loved my cardigan I took her to the Shops for her to choose the wool she liked best, and I started knitting her cardigan right the way.
This one went quick in just stockinete stitch since the yarn by itself was very interesting-had shades of ivory, moave and beige. She loved it!
I found a necklace with the same colour beads to go with .
I prepared a roast dinner and invite her and other friends to celebrate her day. IT WAS A GREAT DAY!

then I went on and on knitting!

First this cardigan for Jimmy, just a bit too big but he love it.

It might be a gift for my brother when we

visit him next time, and for Jimmy I' ll knitt another one.

The thing is...... our friend Charlie saw it and wanted one too,
same colour or similar at least.... but a vest!

So his wife Olga got the wool inmediatly and the

vest was ready in days.

It fit him just right!

and I got the most beautifull native flores from them

They were so beautifull and kept on my table for weeks!

this itchiness for kniting re started about 6 months ago

It was march when I was doing some tidy up in cupboards when I found a forgoten half knitted cardigan. It was a real shame since the yarn was quite nice and I paid quite a bit for it.I could not believe I forgot that. I used to love to knit!Since we moved to this house, all we did is RENOVATE!!!!, fix the house took all our energy!But my problem was I could not find anywhere the calculations of this particular sweater and no idea of the stitch I was doing.But I was determine to continue this job.It took me a while to rediscover and counting here and there to calculate the whole thing again.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 I got my own private room

...where I can hide with my belongings, my bits and pieces.
I wanted to have a place of my own where I could hide all my knittings, I mean pictures of them.
Also all my favorite patterns and notations, to pass it one day to my grand-daughter Stephanie.

At the moment she is the recipient of some of my work, but one day perhaps she' d like to knit herself.

I decorated the back of the sweater with a pretty horse.

Stephie is 8 years old horse lover
Here is the full sweater