cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck

cockatoos in my deck - cacatuas en mi deck


Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is around the corner

The time of a wreath on our doors

Tiempo de colocar una corona en nuestras puertas

and a beautiful tree in our livingrooms
y un hermoso arbol en nuestras salas
Time for Santa to bring us gifts…..

Tiempo que Santa nos trae regalos…….

But mainly it is time of love and peace for all human kind!

Pero sobretodo es el tiempo de amor y paz para toda la humanidad!

Feliz Navidad

My best wishes

Mis mejores deseos,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas is near......

When the cokatoos visit us in our balcony. Actually they claim full possession!

And our Christmas Bush in our backyard starts colouring......

you can tell Christmas is near.

And so it feels like getting the house ready, which I did last week.

The front door has a wreath

The steps , some trimmings

Christmas cards start arriving- while Jimmy writes and sends many

more Christmas bush indoors

My small Christmas Tree in on (the big one is no more, too much trouble).
Some gifts are wrap up already- that reminds me I still have a lot more to do.

Nuts and sweets, and chocolate and biscuits everywhere

Baskets of food ready to use or to give

Trimming everywhere, even on all the door frames.

For sure there is no nicer time than Christmas!
I can' t wait!!!!!!!!

I had been busy busy busy....

First I made Ariane' s First Communion Dress. A simple but elegant chiffon dress with corsage fully drapped and 2 thin straps. It closed at the back with loops and covered buttons.
A sheer bolero completed the picture.

Almost at the same time I knitted this burgundy wool cardigan for Pixi, Ariane' s mum and daughter of my great friend Olga.

She brought me these gorgeous flowers, now on my kitchen bench.....
Every time I look at them, a big smile on my face

I also manage to finish my latest cardigan, which I started about 2 months ago but was interrupted again and again- it was only mine. The colour is more like coral, not exactly the red of the picture.
At the moment I am half way my eldest son' s jumper. Is a lovely denim wool that promises to please him.
And I have a cupboard full of wool for future projects, plus I ordered yesterday more from Bendigo.
This is more than a addiction. Is like an obsession hahaha